Whimsical Mushroom Cluster Sculpture - Suar Wood (20x20 cm)

This beautifully hand-carved mushroom sculpture, made of Suar Wood from Thailand, is a mycology lover's dream!  Reminiscent of mushrooms you might find in Alice's Wonderland, this 360-degree carving features a large-capped cespitose of fungi that is, a group of mushrooms arising from one point of origin, seeming to emerge from the forest floor. 

Sure to grab attention on any shelf or table, this piece will bring a down-to-earth yet whimsical vibe to your indoor space!  Place one carving on its own to add a touch of fantasy to your décor, or you can kick it up a notch and gather a few carvings together to form a little mushroom troop as each piece has its own distinct character!

Origin: Bali
Material: Suar Wood
Size: 20 cm wide x 20 cm tall
Colour: Natural beige colour with natural wood texture

Note: The unit shipped will vary slightly from the one shown above as each piece is hand-carved.