Abstract Sunrise Painting, Yellow and Blue -- Acrylic on Canvas (2 sizes)

This large and stunning abstract painting is sure to be a conversation starter in your home, office, studio, lobby, restaurant, or anywhere you'd want to energize and inspire a sense of awe.  Is it a sunrise over the ocean or a sunset?  Is it just a mysterious bold line and a vibrant bold circle?  What do you think this painting depicts?  There is no right or wrong in that, but most important is how this piece makes you feel.  If you are one who does believe this piece captures the essence of our vital Sun, read on to learn more about the symbolism in this painting...

Without the Sun there would be no life on this planet and, as such, the Sun has taken on a host of significance from human civilizations throughout history.  It represents life energy, positivity, inspiration, clarity, confidence, strength, influence, action, success, the divine masculine...the list goes on and on.  Overarchingly, it is seen as the ultimate power symbol and numerous Gods and deities either directly represent or draw their characteristics from the Sun.  Some of the most well-known examples are Ra and Horus from the ancient Egyptian pantheon.  The colours also have further significance in this painting as the yellow carries all the same symbolism at the Sun mentioned above, while the blue often symbolizes expansiveness, purity, wisdom, inner peace and emotional healing.  These two primary colours, carrying opposing warm and cool energies and meanings, are brought together harmoniously by the artist -- each dominating half the painting but softly transitioning at the centre of the canvas, thus balancing out the intensity of the hues as well as the overall affect of the piece on the viewer.

Comes stretched over a wooden frame, ready to hang.

Origin: Bali
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
2 Sizes Available: 150 cm x 100 cm; 120 cm x 60 cm


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