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Decorative Sugar Skull Sculpture, White or Black – Resin (12 cm)

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Artfully decorated skulls, or Calaveras, are a symbol deeply rooted in Mesoamerican cultures’ belief in a spiritual life after death and continue to be important in Mexican tradition today. This decorative skull is beautifully cast in resin featuring curly vines, leaves and flowers and is inspired by the iconic festive sugar skulls of el Dia de Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) which can often be found in bright colours with elaborate details around the mouth and eyes. In this manner, the skull serves to respect and honour the dead by celebrating life, provides solace to friends and family that their loved ones have found peace in the afterlife, and as a reminder for us to pause, reflect on, and enjoy life while we are still living.

More generally, the presence of skulls in art and décor is not intended to be frightening or morbid. Despite its sometimes dark and gothic interpretations, it is typically meant as a positive reminder that life is precious. In cultures around the world, skulls represent change and transformation, strength and protection, to warn against the perils of vanity, and to remind us that death is not the end but a step into a higher level of consciousness.

Whatever your beliefs, this unique skull sculpture is an eye-catching art piece with luxe appeal and brings a “cool” factor to any room. It is the perfect size as an ornament or décor for your desk, bookcase, nightstand or anywhere you like!

Origin: Bali
Material: Resin
Size: 12 cm
Colours Available: Black, White