Lapis Lazuli Ethnic Style Round Pendant - Sterling Silver (33 mm)

This pendant features a genuine Lapis Lazuli stone set in a round shape surrounded by a decorative ethnic sunburst bezel.  The stone in this piece is a gorgeous opaque and deep indigo blue with tiny gold and white flecks, and immediately gives off a regal vibe.  This pendant has a bohemian, feminine look with vintage appeal that is the perfect pairing for an evening out, to elevate your Zoom outfit, to pull out of your collection whenever you want to channel your inner goddess and express your natural gifts.  Stones and crystals are said to be most influential when they are kept within the magnetic field of the body, so adorning yourself with them in the form of jewelry is a very effective (and fun) way to draw upon their resonant energies! And no two stones are exactly alike, so this piece will be uniquely yours.

Lapis Lazuli has been a stone coveted by royalty throughout the ages and has been found in talismans across numerous ancient kingdoms.  Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is even said to have ground Lapis stones into powder to pigment her iconic blue eyeshadow.  This stone helps to activate the higher mind, visionary awareness, and psychic abilities associated with the third eye, and downloads new information as images rather than words.  Physically, Lapis is said to be supportive in healing the immune system, throat, thymus and thyroid, as well as in repairing injured muscles and bones among other benefits.  Lapis is associated with the Sagittarius astrological sign and with the Third Eye chakra.  It is a popular stone used to draw on protection, worthiness and truth, and draws in a general sense of wellbeing.

Materials: Lapis Lazuli, Sterling Silver (925 Silver)
Shape: Round
Size: 33 mm
Colour: Indigo/Dark Blue
NOTE: Chain not included

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