Labradorite Filigree Oval Pendant - Sterling Silver

This pendant features a genuine Labradorite stone set in a classic oval shape surrounded by an delicate filigree bezel.  The stone in this piece has a smoky grey base with flecks of multicoloured flash as it catches the light and immediately gives off a mystical vibe.  This pendant has a classic, feminine look with vintage appeal that is the perfect pairing for an evening out, to elevate your Zoom outfit, to pull out of your collection whenever you want to call a little magic into your life or to keep your aura cleansed and protected.  Stones and crystals are said to be most influential when they are kept within the magnetic field of the body, so adorning yourself with them in the form of jewelry is a very effective (and fun) way to draw upon their resonant energies! And no two stones are exactly alike, so this piece will be uniquely yours.

Labradorite is a stone of magic and transformation.  Belonging to the feldspar family of crystals, its brilliant flashes of light, once considered to be trapped fragments of the Aurora Borealis, are actually caused by light interference caught within Labradorite's mineral structure.  Believed to be of particular benefit for mental acuity and harmonizing the hemispheres of the brain, this stone helps to see the possibilities, strengthens intuition/psychic abilities and taps into one's originality.  Emotionally, it can help with insecurity, anxiety and stress.  Physically, it is said to be supportive in healing the digestion, eyesight, even in the removal of warts.  Labradorite is one of the August birthstones, is primarily associated with the Leo astrological sign (secondarily to Scorpio and Sagittarius), as well as with the Crown chakra.

Materials: Labradorite, Sterling Silver (925 Silver)
Shape: Oval
Colour: Smoky dark grey with multi-coloured flecks
NOTE: Chain not included

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