Amethyst Ornate Oval Pendant - Sterling Silver (22x27 mm)

This pendant features a genuine Amethyst stone set in a classic oval shape surrounded by an elegant ornate bezel.  The stone in this piece is a gorgeous deep violet purple, and immediately gives off a spiritually enlightened energy.  This pendant has a classic, feminine look with vintage appeal that is the perfect pairing for an evening out, to elevate your Zoom outfit, to pull out of your collection whenever you want to keep bad vibes at bay, or to enhance your meditation practice.  Stones and crystals are said to be most influential when they are kept within the magnetic field of the body, so adorning yourself with them in the form of jewelry is a very effective (and fun) way to draw upon their resonant energies! And no two stones are exactly alike, so this piece will be uniquely yours.

No crystal collection is complete without Amethyst!  Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone belonging to the quartz family of crystals.  Believed to be of particular benefit to the mind and the emotions, this stone helps to enhance spiritual awareness, improve psychic abilities and intuition, and provide emotional clarity to improve in decision-making.  Because it contains the purple ray, it vibrates at a very high frequency providing an envelope of spiritual protection against lower vibrations while clearing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy.  Physically, Amethyst is said to be supportive in healing from a wide variety of ailments and diseases and is best known for relieving stress.  Historically it has even been used to help those with substance addictions like alcoholism.  Amethyst is primarily associated with both the Aquarius and Pisces astrological signs and with the Crown chakra.  It is a popular stone used to achieve high-frequency states, mental balance and general good health.

Materials: Amethyst, Sterling Silver (925 Silver)
Shape: Oval
Size: 22 mm x 27 mm
Colour: Violet/Purple
NOTE: Chain not included

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