Seated Meditating Buddha Statue with Dhyan Mudra, Dark Brown/Red/Gold – Resin (20 cm)

This statue features a peaceful meditating Buddha in dark brown with gold added into the folds of his red robe and a glossy finish lending an antique or vintage vibe to your space. This pose – characteristic of the Amitabha Buddha, meaning “Boundless Light” -- represents focus and concentration, and depicts the Buddha sitting crossed-legged, with right hand on top of left, palms face up in his lap in Dhyan Mudra (also called Samadhi or Yoga mudra), and with eyes closed in meditation. The triangular shape formed by this silhouette is further believed to represent stability.

In Buddhist art and tradition, the Amitabha Buddha is the foremost Buddha. He is considered to be the “great savior” buddha and, as such, he is one of five Cosmic Buddhas in Esoteric Buddhism and is particularly important in Vajrayana and Tibetan Buddhism.

This art piece invites calmness, peacefulness and serenity into your life, ideal for those who seek to improve their own meditation skills or to be inspired by all that this representation of Buddha symbolizes. It is made of lightweight resin and is the perfect size as an ornament or décor for your altar, desk or table when creating a space in your home or office where you can sit in peace, breathe, find some relaxation, and connect with spirit.

Origin: Bali
Materials:  Resin
Size:  20 cm tall
Colours:  Dark Brown with Red accents and Metallic Golden flecks



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