Torus Open Weave Pendant Light - Rattan (60x50 cm)

**Due to its size and delicacy, this lamp only ships within the Vancouver area**

Brighten up any room with this chic open weave rattan pendant lamp!  Strips of rattan are meticulously handwoven into an intricate pattern to form this unique Torus or donut-shaped piece.  The best part is that the "cut-outs" of this lampshade can create a delicate play of light around your room, catching the eye and creating a breezy and relaxed ambiance.  Keep in mind that you can vary the look to your preference based on how high to the ceiling and close to a wall you choose to hang this ceiling lamp.  In addition, the natural beige colour of this light fits nicely with many décor styles including boho, beachy, zen, exotic, worldly and eclectic vibes, while drawing nature, beauty and ambiance into any indoor space.

The shape of this pendant light is Toroidal, and the Torus has some cool esoteric and quantum associations as the Geometry of Consciousness and as a primary energetic structure of existence found in everything from atoms to the human energy field to galaxies.  That's a little fun fact to draw on when your guests inevitably ask you about this awesome light!

Rattan is a naturally renewable palm plant and one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials being sourced today.  It can actually be used in place of wood in many furniture and décor items helping to preserve the world's forests. 

Origin: Bali
Material: Rattan 
Size: 60 cm wide, 50 cm tall
Colour: Natural Beige
Package Includes: Lampshade, Cord

Note: The unit shipped may vary slightly from the one shown above as each piece is handmade.

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