Meditation Spinner Ring - Heart, Moonstone and Black Onyx (Sterling Silver, Golden Brass)

This Meditation/Spinner Ring features a plain wide sterling silver band with 3 silver spinners containing -- a Moonstone, a gold toned brass heart charm and a Black Onyx stone. A cute, fun and whimsical style sure to delight all ages; it is also a particularly pretty design for kids and teens who experience anxiety, nervousness, attention disorders, etc., and are seeking a discrete way manage help manage throughout the day. A Spinner Ring is the perfect stress management tool that they'll actually want to wear and use.

Black Onyx is a semiprecious gem that is a stone of protection, determination, strength and grounding associated with the Base/Root Chakra. It is known for drawing in logic and reason. Moonstone is a semiprecious gem that is a stone of balance, awareness, intuition and serenity associated with the Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Together they promote balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of life, dispel negativity, and allow one to open up to their intuition while remaining safe on the physical plane.

14 mm wide band.
Available in sizes 5 to 9.


Meditation/Spinner rings are comprised of an outer band(s) which freely spins around the base of a wide inner band. The outer bands can be rotated with your fingers while wearing it.

The rotating motion helps to channel stress, anxiety-related or nervous energy out of the body giving the brain a point of focus thereby keeping the body busy and clearing the mind. Items like the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, Chinese Baoing Balls, Greek Worry Beads and Worry Stones have been used for centuries and utilize the same principle of engaging in soothing repetitive and meditative motions to calm the nervous system, focus the mind, restore a sense of inner peace, and return to the present moment. These pieces are beautiful and deserve to be seen, but they can also be used discretely. Any time and anywhere, simply turn the band with your fingers, take some slow deep breaths and allow the calmness to wash over you.

Spinner rings also make a great gift and stress-management tool for those fidgeters and fiddlers in your life, those who tend towards nervousness, anxious or negative thinking, or those looking to maintain greater focus during meditation - adults and children alike!

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