Anahata Heart Chakra 12-Petal Lotus Flower Painting, Green/Multicolor on Blue -- Acrylic on Canvas (2 sizes)

This groovy painting of an open 12-petal lotus flower in green with white, orange and yellow details atop a bold blue background is perfect for those who want to bring a chill, uplifting, meditative vibe and sense of inner peace to their space. It is a cool piece that is sure to attract attention with its psychedelic look and abstract, tribal linework – similar to what you might find on a tapestry in South-East Asia, or in any surf town.  The 12-petal lotus flower carries particular spiritual significance in Buddhist and Vedic/Yogic practices.  Read on to find out why…

The lotus flower is the focus of this painting representing balance and purity, as well as the sacred journeys of spiritual awakening and Enlightenment. This is because the lotus experiences a unique daily resurrection story, re-blooming out of the mud each day, just as we also experience numerous rebirths as we follow our spiritual path. This particular lotus, green with 12 outer petals, also symbolizes the Heart chakra (Anahata) and its 12 divine qualities according to the modern chakra system: Joy, Peace, Love, Compassion, Kindness,  Understanding, Forgiveness, Patience, Connection, Harmony, Clarity, Purity and Bliss.  The colours also have further significance in this painting as the green symbolizes the interconnectedness of life, peace and happiness, the white symbolizes consciousness, truth and spiritual focus, while the blue symbolizes expansiveness, purity, wisdom, inner peace and emotional healing.

Comes framed and stretched, ready to hang

Origin: Bali
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
2 Sizes Available: 150 cm x 80 cm; 120 cm x 70 cm


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