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Linked Hearts Ring

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This ring features an openwork design with 2 staggered rows of heart-shaped cutouts encircling a wide band and linked together with delicate outlines, all in 925 sterling silver.  This adorable piece embodies an uplifting and youthful vibe, and brings to mind being surrounded with love and joy.  It's perfect to wear whenever you want to tap into your inner child, attract more love into your life, or to give as a unique gift.  The heart shape has been around since the Middle Ages, before real knowledge of physiology existed, and took on many forms before settling on the stylized symmetrical and curvaceous "V" shape known today.  It became globally recognized as the universal symbol of romantic, love because it is said to visually represent two halves joining together such an in the union of soul mates.

Materials: Sterling Silver (925 Silver)
Shape: Wide band with hearts
Size Available: 8.5