3 Wise Happy Buddhas on a Curved Base, Hear See and Speak No Evil - Resin (25 cm)

This statue features 3 wise Happy Buddhas seated on a wide semicircular base all cast in resin and hand-painted.  Representing the well-known Buddhist phrase "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil," this lighthearted decorative ornament serves as a reminder to be good to others and attracts happiness whenever you look at their 3 adorable smiling faces.  According to Feng Shui, placing the 3 wise buddhas on a work desk can help to clear the mind and dissolve stress allowing for greater concentration, and placing it near the main entrance of a living room or office where everyone can see them draws in positivity, luck and success.  May they attract these beneficial vibes into your home, office, or anywhere you could use a boost of positivity and abundance!

Origin:  Bali
Materials:  Resin
Size:  25 cm x 8 cm x 10 cm
Colour: Dark Brown and Blue with Metallic Golden Finish

Read on to discover more about the Happy Buddha and the specific symbolism of this piece...


This piece features the Happy Buddha, also known as the Laughing Buddha or Ho Tai, who is said to call in blessings, wealth, career success, good health, contentment and prosperity according to Chinese Buddhist faith.  Usually depicted as a stout, bald, pot-bellied, laughing man, Ho Tai is not technically a Buddha at all, but his appearance comes from an old revered Chinese Zen Buddhist Monk, likened to the Western idea of Santa Claus/St. Nick, who was known for bringing a bag full of gifts to reward the children who came to hear his Buddhist sermons and Dharmic teachings.  In some Eastern languages the word for "Buddha" and "monk" are very similar which may have led to some confusion over the ages, but the Happy Buddha has become an globally iconic symbol as Feng Shui practices spread to the West and is beloved by both adults and children alike!