Griffin/Eagle Head Hand-Carved Wood Walking Stick/Cane - Wood (100 cm)

This novelty walking stick is hand-carved from rich dark brown, chestnut-coloured wood featuring the head of a Griffin or Bird. The decorative front half of the handle forms the falcon's head while the back half of the handle is smooth and comfortable to hold. This walking stick is sure to be a conversation-starter at events, thrill as a unique gift, or become a coveted family heirloom through generations.

A Griffin (or gryphon) is the "King of all Creatures," a mythological chimera (half eagle, half lion) that symbolizes intelligence, strength, cunning and protection.  They can be seen in imagery from numerous cultures with origins as far back as ancient Egypt, though most recognizable from Greek mythology and Medieval lore.  It is said that a Griffin pulled the chariot of the sun god Apollo, the Greek Sun god.  May this special piece bring you strength and protection!

Size: 100 cm tall
Details: Dark brown wood

NOTE: This piece is primarily a decorative accessory and is not recommended to replace a load-bearing approved cane, orthopedic support tool or other kinds of daily mobility aids.

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