Lotus Mandala Latticework Hand-Carved Round Wall Art - Suar Wood (30 cm or 40 cm)

This beautiful hand-carved wall hanging features an 8-Petal Lotus Flower Mandala articulated with such precision, depth and intricacy making this a truly stunning and unique piece of wall art.  It radiates enlightened spirituality and symmetry with each encircling of petals to help purify energies, attract harmony and balance, and inspire spiritual awakening in your home, office and any space used for meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices! Even home décor can serve as a reminder to slow down, connect to higher consciousness and find the bliss of enlightenment within ourselves.

Origin: Bali
Material: Suar Wood from Indonesia
Sizes Available: 30 cm, 40 cm
Colour: Medium reddish-brown

Read on to discover more about Mandalas, the 8-Petal Lotus Flower and the specific symbolism in this piece...


Mandalas are geometric patterns that hold powerful significance in Buddhism as metaphysical representations of the Universe and thereby symbolize wholeness, oneness and continuity, as well as the spiritual path itself.  There are countless types of mandalas that are used in ceremonial rituals, sacred art and as an object of focus in meditation.  They can be used as a tool to expand one's consciousness, awareness and wisdom, and are believed to transcend both language and the rational mind due to their visual and mathematical universality.

The Lotus Flower is a sacred symbol of Buddhism and Hinduism and has come to embody many meanings including purity, balance, spiritual development and creation itself, imagined as a kind of divine birth or resurrection - human consciousness reaching for awakening and enlightenment each day as the lotus reaches up from mud to re-bloom each day.  Lotus flowers are often found in mandala patterns.  In general, the more petals there are the higher the vibration the lotus/mandala is said to contain.

In particular, the 8-Petaled Lotus represents Cosmic Harmony and each petal corresponds, like the 8-spoked wheel, to the Noble Eightfold Path central to Buddhist philosophy - the practices that lead to enlightenment and rebirth.  This lotus can also be found at the heart of the Garbhadhatu Mandala which symbolizes the womb or embryo of the world.