Special Eye-Shaped Mirror - Rattan (75x40 cm)

This handmade eye-shaped mirror would be right at home in a space where you read your Tarot or Oracle cards, a yoga studio, or any space you'd want to bring a cool, intriguing vibe with an air of mystery -- gaze into your own being from within an eye!  The border is composed of natural rattan palm which softens the effect of the eye shape, which can otherwise be a little unnerving to some.  It can be used functionally as a unique mirror, or hung as creative wall art.  You can even hang it vertically to represent the 3rd eye.  May this piece inspire deeper introspection and insight in you! 

The Eye is one of the most powerful symbols in many cultures and can signify good/evil, protection, wisdom, knowledge, secrecy and mystery.  From a spirituality perspective, eyes often represent inner/psychic vision, extra-sensory power, and spiritual perception, as in Buddhism where the eye represents "seeing with the soul."  Perhaps most recognizably, the eye can be seen in blue beads and various forms jewelry or personal talismans intended to protect the individual and ward off Evil Eye energies from others. 

Rattan is a naturally renewable palm plant and one of the most eco-friendly materials being sourced today.  It can actually be used in place of wood in many furniture and décor items helping to preserve forests. 

Origin: Bali
Materials: Rattan, Glass
Size: 75 cm x 40 cm

Note: The unit shipped may vary slightly from the one shown above as each piece is hand-made.

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