Dharmachakra Teaching Buddha, Blue and Golden Yellow – Acrylic on Canvas (100x120 cm)

This big, bright and bold painting depicts the Teaching Buddha, also known as the Dharmachakra Buddha and can help us develop a deeper meditative practice and inspire us to follow in the many valuable teachings that the Buddha delivered to the world. With its dreamy, modern expressionist style, diffused brushstrokes, and rich shades of vibrant cerulean blue accented with golden yellow, this painting will liven up any wall and create a soothing atmosphere of cool composure, serenity, wisdom and compassion. It is perfect for students and those interested in learning more about spirituality. Read on to find out why…

Dharma and chakra loosely translate to “the Way of the Cosmos” and is represented in Buddhism as a wheel symbolizing concentration, ethics and wisdom, all essential in the teachings of Buddha and in following a spiritual path. The mudra formed by his visible hand symbolizes the Dharma wheel with the formation of an “O” between his index finger and thumb representing the marriage of method and wisdom. In fact, the Teaching Buddha represents one of the most important moments in Buddha’s life – when he preached his first sermon in Sarnath to a small group of disciples after his moment of Enlightenment when he discovered the method for himself, committed it to wisdom and shared it for the first time. With this act, it is said that he set in motion the Wheel of the Dharma. His hand is held at chest level to show that his teachings were always shared from the heart. Also note that this painting shows a variation of the dharmachakra where the two hands performing the mudra are separated rather than touching. Other traditional aspects to this painting are: the ushnisha - or crown of coiled curls circling a protruding “bun” atop his head symbolizing his spiritual power, expanded wisdom, knowledge and evolved ideals; the urna - the 3rd eye mark on the forehead which symbolizes his all-seeing inner vision and capacity to see beyond the mundane world of suffering to find (and walk) the path to Enlightenment; and his large elongated ears symbolizing both his renunciation of material wealth (having been a Prince who once wore heavy jewelry) and his attainment of spiritual wealth in his ability to hear and ease the sounds of the world’s suffering with compassion.

Each colour used in Buddhist artwork also carries a significance. Gold symbolizes the Sun or fire and, in its relation to yellow, wealth, beauty and stability. Blue represents knowledge, tranquility, the limitless heights of ascension, the wisdom of the earth and sky, and is associated with the Water element. The palette and essence captured here is perfect for adding a spiritual vibe to a modern home, office or any space used for meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices, or as a unique addition to any religious/spiritual artwork collection.

Canvas comes stretched and framed, ready to hang.

Origin: Bali
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Size:100 cm x 120 cm

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