Boho Island Vibe Textured Square Cushion, Multicolour - Macrame, Shell and Beads (40x40 cm)

This bright and beautiful boho-chic cushion is exquisitely handmade from sustainably-sourced cotton macramé and features rows of various sizes of beads and shells forming fun alternating patterns, colours and textures.  The colours of this cushion, with its natural white and beige tones and unexpected pops of turquoise in the beadwork, give off a calming effect with lots of visual interest.  It'll channel just the right amount of island flair to your sofa -- like you're relaxing on a lounger in an oceanside cabana even if you're just stuck in your living room!

Origin: Bali
Materials: Cotton Shell and Beads
Size: 40 cm x 40 cm x 15cm

Note: The unit shipped will vary slightly from the one shown above as each piece is hand-made.