Ganesha Hand-Carved Round Wall Art - Suar Wood (30 cm)

This beautifully hand-carved wall hanging features Lord Ganesha seated on a lotus encircled by a ring of fire to burn through obstacles. This unique piece of wall art radiates enlightened spirituality as Ganesha brings his replenishing and relaxing vibe to help purify your space, attract blessings of wealth, success and joy, and inspire mental discipline – the perfect energies to attract into your home, office or any space used for meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices! Even our home décor can serve as a reminder that we all can find the essence of Ganesha within ourselves.

Origin: Bali
Material: Suar Wood from Indonesia
Size:30 cm
Colour:  Medium reddish-brown

Read on to discover more about Ganesha and the specific symbolism in this piece...


Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular deities and iconographic representations in Hindu religious art as he possesses many characteristics of greatness that are intended to inspire humanity. Firstly, he is the Remover of Obstacles and represents “perfect wisdom” because he persevered through so much adversity and came through it all to embody joy and success. Because of this he is also worshipped as the god of New Beginnings and is honoured at the start of rites, ceremonies, projects, and tasks to ensure their successful completion.

Each aspect of his posture encodes even more symbolism and meaning. In this depiction, his large head represents his wisdom. His large ears and small mouth represent how a truly wise person listens more and speaks less. His big, round belly is said to contain the Universe. His trunk sniffs out truth, identifies good from evil, and sweeps away obstacles. Here he has 4 hands: his upper left holds a Rope to represent the taming of our inner primal energy, his upper right holds an Axe to cut away old karma, ignorance, evil, illusion, our material and mental attachments to allow for new beginnings, and his lower right is an open palm facing out in Abhaya Mudra as a symbol of peace and blessing to protect those working on their spiritual path. He sits atop a lotus flower which represents the expansion of the soul. One of his tusks is broken and is carried in his lower left hand as a symbol of sacrifice, that being One doesn't demand perfection, and to remind us to overcome the perceived separation of body and spirit. Finally, his trunk curves Vamamukhi (to the left) symbolizing prosperity, bliss and lunar energies, and is believed to help purify the home.

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