Dragon Hand-Carved Wood Walking Stick/Cane - Wood (100 cm)

This novelty walking stick is hand-carved from handle to base featuring the shape of a Chinese Dragon in a rich dark brown, chestnut-coloured wood. The handle forms the dragon's head while the body forms a subtle S-shape down the shaft complete with articulated teeth and scales in one impressive, continuous carving that is very challenging to achieve. Expressive and intricately detailed, this walking stick is sure to turn heads at events, thrill as a unique gift, or become a coveted family heirloom through generations.

Dragons symbolize power, abundance and luck in Chinese, Buddhist and other East-Asian cultures and traditions. They are believed to be powerful, valiant, heroic, and according to Feng Shui philosophy, bringing a dragon into the home can attract prosperity while protecting the family and their wealth, especially when placed in the southeast corner. May this special piece bring you success and prosperity!

Size: 100 cm tall
Details: Dark brown wood

NOTE: This piece is primarily a decorative accessory and is not recommended to replace a load-bearing approved cane, orthopedic support tool or other kinds of daily mobility aids.

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