“Buddha Learns the Secret” Painting in Yellow, Red and Grey on White – Acrylic on Canvas (70x90 cm)

"This stylized acrylic painting of a golden Buddha head surrounded by swirls of grey with red and yellow accents against a white background serves as daily inspiration to bring more mindfulness, peace and harmony into your life. The Buddha’s head in artwork radiates feelings of warmth, happiness, composure, serenity and compassion, and can help inspire us into deeper, concentrated meditative practice. In this painting, the Buddha seems to float in a space of pure consciousness, drawing in swirls of truth, wisdom and universal knowledge with each breath. His expression with eyes half-open and gaze to the side is lighthearted and playful, as though this captures the moment he learned the secrets to Enlightenment - a modern and fresh take in comparison to more traditional Buddhist artwork.

In Buddhist art and tradition, the Buddha head is one of the most popular iconographic representations. The head represents a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, an ability to disconnect mind from body (achieve Bodhisattva state), as well as all the other characteristics of greatness the Buddha possesses, which are intended to serve as inspiration for all of humanity to follow. Each aspect of his head further encodes specific symbolism and meaning. The ushnisha - or crown of coiled curls circling a protruding oval atop his head - symbolizes his spiritual power, expanded wisdom, knowledge and evolved ideals. The urna - the 3rd eye mark on the forehead - symbolizes his all-seeing inner vision and capacity to see beyond the mundane world of suffering to find (and walk) the path to Enlightenment. His ears are large with elongated earlobes symbolizing both his renunciation of material wealth (having been a Prince who once wore heavy jewelry) and his attainment of spiritual wealth in his ability to hear and ease the sounds of the world’s suffering with compassion. He is shown with short, curly hair (rather than with long hair or the shaved head of a monk) to symbolize Buddha’s choosing the middle path between indulgence and asceticism.

Each colour used in Buddhist artwork also carries a significance. White represents purity, knowledge and liberation, the transformation of ignorance into awareness and is associated with the Water element. Black (and grey) represents the overcoming of hate and anger with clarity and truth, the transformation of evil into good, and is associated with the Air element. Red is a Fire element colour that symbolizes vitality, dignity, compassion, and the transformation of attachment into discernment. Yellow represents wealth, beauty, stability, the transformation of pride into the understanding that we are all One and is associated with the Earth element. The palette and essence captured here is perfect for adding a spiritual vibe to a modern room in a home, office, or any space used for meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices, or as a unique addition to any religious/spiritual artwork collection.

Canvas comes stretched and framed, ready to hang.

Origin: Bali

Size: 70 cm x 90 cm
Material: Acrylic on Canvas

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