Bright Floral Walking Elephant Family, Multicoloured on White – Acrylic on Canvas (70x90 cm)

This uplifting and charming painting depicts a family of 3 elephants – a mama and two baby elephants - walking together. The elephants themselves are rendered with a cheerful, floral tulip motif in bright pink, purple, yellow and green, reminiscent of the annual festival of Dussehra in India during which the elephants are decorated with paint and beautiful fabrics and celebrated in a parade. The mama elephant has an upturned trunk which is believed to shower its surroundings with prosperity and blessings and attracts good fortune. The baby elephants have their trunks facing down in a position believed to gather up positive energy to help push through any obstacle. The bright, multicoloured palette and youthful vibe of this painting evokes the simple, playful nature of the elephant and delights in radiating happiness into any room. It is a favourite design among kids and teens, and anyone with a fun, lighthearted taste in art who wants to draw the essence of the elephant into their space.

The elephant is highly respected and revered in many ways, even by other animals. In the animal kingdom the elephant holds the rare fortune of having no known predators and, among humans, many around the world continue to worship the elephant to this day, particularly in Hindu and Buddhist traditions and in African, Indian and Asian cultures. Generally, the elephant is a symbol of good luck, wisdom, fertility, protection, memory, intelligence, hardiness, quiet courage and patience. Since they are highly social creatures with complex brains similar to humans, they are also associated with loyalty, companionship, parental care/family, playfulness, responsibility and unity. In Buddhism, the elephant is seen as the earthly manifestation of the Buddha’s qualities and represents the mental strength needed to walk the path of awakening in following the Dharma. They inspire us to tame the monkey mind and observe our thoughts and feelings with patience and vigilance to lead us ever closer to Enlightenment.

Canvas comes stretch and framed, ready to hang.

Origin: Bali
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Size:70 cm x 90 cm

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