Leather-Bound 5 Stone Mandala Journal (6" x 8")

This unique handmade leather-bound journal features 5 gemstones each bordered within leather-stitched mandala patterns on the front cover. The entire cover is made of genuine leather in a rich dark cherry red colour giving this journal a cool, rustic vintage vibe. Open it up to find 200 pages of high quality unlined handmade paper. The back cover has a raised pattern of abstract lines, flowers and vines. Other features include a hook closure in a golden antique finish and long x-stitch binding keeping the pages secure.

The perfect journal to inspire your own creative self-expression and self-discovery, or as a unique gift for the journalers, poets, storytellers or artists in your life. The unlined paper allows you to create in a freeform way - unrestricted by lines you can write, plan, sketch, even paint on the pages, or create lines to suit your own needs. This design has a rugged outdoorsy appeal evoking those dreamy nostalgic feelings of writing freely while sitting under a shady tree on a summer day, or while warm in your tent writing by lamplight surrounded by the wilderness.

Size: 6" x 8"
Pages: 200
Gemstones: Carnelian Agate, Green Agate, Black Onyx/Agate
Details: Leather-bound, handmade unlined paper, x-stitch binding, hook closure

NOTE: With all aspects of this item made by hand, please expect slight variations in the item you receive from the one pictured here.

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