16 Petal Lotus Flower Throat Chakra Mandala Textured Painting, White and Blue -- Acrylic on Canvas (100x100 cm)

This stunning painting of a white mandala with blue detailing raised atop a white background is perfect for those who want to bring a calming, meditative vibe and sense of inner peace to their space. It is a stand-out piece that is sure to attract attention with its raised texture and weathered appearance – it looks like a tile from an ancient temple but with a modern twist. And if you are seeking to expand your consciousness, purify your mind, improve your communication, and speak your truth, this unique art piece could be the key to that journey! Read on to find out why…

The mandala is an ancient geometric design that holds particular significance in Buddhist, Hindu and Native American cultures as an external representation for the wholeness, oneness and continuity of the Universe, and as an internal guide for spiritual enlightenment. Mandalas produce visual harmony using repetitive sacred geometries to represent the laws and patterns that make up all of creation, and subliminally evoke time, space and movement to the viewer. Since as early as the 4th century, mandalas have been powerful spiritual symbols used in ceremonial rituals, worship, sacred art, meditation and healing therapies as a means to expand our consciousness, opening fields of awareness by transcending language and the rational mind and speaking directly to the subconscious.

According to yogic practices, mandalas signify a sacred space to disconnect from outside influences; and have become a popular meditative element as they are believed to aid in self-discovery and aligning with your inner truths. A white lotus flower makes up the centre of this painting representing balance and purity, as well as the sacred journey of spiritual awakening and Enlightenment. Just as the lotus experiences a daily resurrection story, re-blooming out of the mud each day, we also experience numerous rebirths as we follow our spiritual path. This particular lotus, with 16 outer petals, also symbolizes the Throat chakra which is considered to be the source of Udana Prana energy that purifies the body, psyche and subconscious through the breath allowing for authentic self-expression and enhanced communication, eventually leading us to become our true selves. The colours also have further significance in this painting as the white symbolizes purity, consciousness, truth and spiritual focus, while the blue symbolizes openness, wisdom, inner peace, emotional healing and represents the Throat chakra. In another view, the 16 petals can also represent the 16 Gates of the Elements in the Kabbalah, through which one can access the four elements to raise their vibration for spiritual and physical transformation.

Comes framed and stretched, ready to hang

Origin: Bali
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Size:100 cm x 100 cm

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