Rose Quartz Oval Cabochon Pendant

This pendant features a genuine Rose Quartz stone set in a classic oval shape surrounded by an elegant ornate bezel with Victorian styling.  The stone in this piece is a gorgeous pink and immediately gives off a vibe of warmth and compassion.  This pendant has a classic, feminine look with vintage appeal that is the perfect pairing for an evening out, to elevate your Zoom outfit, to pull out of your collection whenever you need a gentle reminder that you are loved and made of love.  Stones and crystals are said to be most influential when they are kept within the magnetic field of the body, so adorning yourself with them in the form of jewelry is a very effective (and fun) way to draw upon their resonant energies! And no two stones are exactly alike, so this piece will be uniquely yours.

A stone of self love, compassion and romance, Rose Quartz is the go-to crystal for purifying, balancing and healing in all matters of the heart.  This stone is helpful in times of anger, guilt, resentment, inadequacy, reaching a state of forgiveness, and in healing from phobias and deep emotional wounds (even trauma from childhood). Physically, Rose Quartz is said to be supportive to the adrenal glands, heart, circulation, kidneys and spleen, in healing wrinkles, varicose veins and burns, and even for general aches and pains.  As part of the quartz family, this stone can help draw away negative energy bringing in safe and loving vibes.  Rose Quartz is primarily associated with both the Taurus and Libra astrological signs and with the Heart chakra.

Materials: Rose Quartz, Sterling Silver (925 Silver)
Shape: Oval
Size: 30mm x 22 mm
Colour: Purplish-pink
NOTE: Chain not included

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