Amazonite Ornate Freeform Drop Pendant - Sterling Silver (23x30 mm)

This pendant features a genuine Amazonite stone set in an freeform drop/pear shape.  Although Amazonite can contain many colours, the stone in this piece is a beautiful ethereal blend of light blue and turquoise with white, reminiscent of the sky or the ocean, and immediately evokes a sense of calm.  The irregular, asymmetrical cut of the stone paired with its elegant ornate bezel is feminine and flattering with a vintage appeal that is the perfect pairing for an evening out, to elevate your Zoom outfit, or to pull out of your collection whenever you want to keep the vibe of the Amazonite stone close to you throughout the day.  Stones and crystals are said to be most influential when they are kept within the magnetic field of the body, so adorning yourself with them in the form of jewelry is a very effective (and fun) way to draw upon their resonant energies!  And no two stones are exactly alike, so this piece will be uniquely yours.

Amazonite is believed to be of particular benefit to the heart, nervous system, teeth and bones.  It is associated with the Virgo astrological sign and with the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras helping develop a stronger connection between the Heart and the Throat chakras.  Because of this Amazonite is ideal to wear as a pendant to keep it close to these areas of the body.  It is often used to help soothe anxiety and fear, heal emotional trauma, balance feminine and masculine energies, and can even subtly help protect against EMF pollution.  

Materials: Amazonite, Sterling Silver (925 Silver)
Shape:Freeform Drop/Pear (asymmetrical)
Size: 23 mm x 30mm
Colour: Light blue/turquoise with white
NOTE: Chain not included

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